chris (_fool) wrote in pdx_spokes,

bikely activities this sunday - bike scavenger hunt, bike picnic, naked ride

hi folks,

i've organized some bikely events on sunday which will be a lot of fun and i hope you'll join us!

1st up, a bike scavenger hunt (starts 11:30-12:30, ends 3:15). how many items can you track down in 3.5 hours, on your bike? teams of any size allowed, but team must stay together. cash prizes--$100 for first, $50 for second, $25 for third.

second up, shiftnic! a picnic for bikely folks in the park. the weather's gonna be gorgeous, we have reserved picnic tables w/seating for >100 and a permit to have beer and wine in the park, 2-5pm, so bring some food and drink and chow down with like-bike-minded folks. play some croquet/badminton, challenge friends to tire-changing races, or just show off your new trailer. this portion will be family friendly.

once the kids scurry on home, the september edition of the portland naked bike ride kicks in, starting at 5:15, an easy 5 mile loop around SE, leisurely pace. we'll have body paint/markers around in case you want to make a statement with yo' skin.

all activities starting from laurelhurst park, picnic area A. come out and have some fun! more details on the shift calendar here:
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