jess (cheerjess) wrote in pdx_spokes,

lost key, bike lock help, please~

hello, I'm looking for any advice on the matter of breaking/picking a bike lock.  I have lost the sole key, and the bike is locked to the railing of my apartment complex.  the lock is a bell u lock, not the round type of key, like this.
I went to a local bike shop, and for the round key type, I was told of the bic pen trick, or to attempt using a hack saw on the straight part.  which I don't have, nor do I think I have the strength for it, sadly.
I spoke with a locksmith, who told me they'd charge $40 for the actual visit and then $50 for the actual breaking (drilling, picking, etc.) and couldn't guarantee if they could do it. 

so, any advice? 

it's even more ridiculous because my bike isn't even in great shape, I want to unlock it to get it fixed! 

thank you!
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