see the moon? it hates us. (solteronita) wrote in pdx_spokes,
see the moon? it hates us.

Bike Shops for the Less-Than-Tall

I'm looking for recommendations on bike stores that have a lot of smaller bikes on hand to test ride. I'm a 5'3" girl, and I want to find something that will mainly be used for daily commuting, but will also be durable enough for occasional long distance rides and carrying gear for camping trips by bike. So far I've looked at City Bikes and Community Cycling Center, and I've been perusing Craigslist daily. All three places seem great for girly cruisers or tall people bikes. but what I really need is a chance to try out lots of different bikes (sturdy road and touring) to get a sense of the fit and style that works best for me. I'm hoping to buy a used bike, but I might go for an inexpensive new one if I find something great. I don't need anything super fancy that will just be asking to get stolen. Where have you had luck, shorties?
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