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PDX bicyclists' Journal
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Friday, May 22nd, 2009
4:33 am
WEST SIDE INVITE in seattle this weekend dickfaces.

I won't be there because I'm fucking broke and should be living under a bridge. But those of you who can, fucking go and stop being a fuck face. |

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008
9:23 pm
bikely activities this sunday - bike scavenger hunt, bike picnic, naked ride
hi folks,

i've organized some bikely events on sunday which will be a lot of fun and i hope you'll join us!

1st up, a bike scavenger hunt (starts 11:30-12:30, ends 3:15). how many items can you track down in 3.5 hours, on your bike? teams of any size allowed, but team must stay together. cash prizes--$100 for first, $50 for second, $25 for third.

second up, shiftnic! a picnic for bikely folks in the park. the weather's gonna be gorgeous, we have reserved picnic tables w/seating for >100 and a permit to have beer and wine in the park, 2-5pm, so bring some food and drink and chow down with like-bike-minded folks. play some croquet/badminton, challenge friends to tire-changing races, or just show off your new trailer. this portion will be family friendly.

once the kids scurry on home, the september edition of the portland naked bike ride kicks in, starting at 5:15, an easy 5 mile loop around SE, leisurely pace. we'll have body paint/markers around in case you want to make a statement with yo' skin.

all activities starting from laurelhurst park, picnic area A. come out and have some fun! more details on the shift calendar here:

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008
4:37 pm
Riding northbound from PDX to Oly
I'm planning to ride from Portland to Olympia, starting this weekend. I was planning on following the route in Kirkendall and Spring's _Bicycling the Pacific Coast_ (Highway 101 from the Washington side of the Astoria bridge to Highway 105 to Shelton), more or less, but if anyone out there has done this before, a few questions:

- The route in the book is meant for people riding southbound, and the book mentions that some parts of the route may not have shoulders for northbound cyclists, and that the direction the wind blows in summer may make it more difficult to ride northbound. Did you find that this was a problem?
- The book doesn't cover the Portland detour, so I was planning to take Highway 30 to Astoria. Is it bikeable the entire way? (Google Maps suggests it isn't controlled-access for any part of that segment, but you never know.)
- Suggestions for getting from Shelton to Olympia, if anyone's done it?
- Suggestions for places to stay? The book lists campgrounds, but only one hostel along the way (I'm prepared to camp).
- I was thinking about riding the reverse direction at the end of September -- is that a terrible idea? Would the weather suck too much by then?
- Any other tips? (I know to bring rain gear.)
Tuesday, July 29th, 2008
6:32 am
SW route advice?
Hiyo, first time poster, long time Portland cyclist. Would anyone care to offer advice on the shortest safe route from downtown Lake Oswego to Washington Square? I've not been around that side of town except by car, and would very much like to ride it.
Saturday, July 26th, 2008
10:54 pm
Hey, I'm new. Both to biking and to Portland. My wife and I moved here about 2 weeks ago and due to unfortunate circumstances I had to sell my Honda Insight. Which is a hybrid...so I figured, why not do the next best thing? Buy a hybrid bike? So that's what I did today. :D

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and say hi. I'm sure I'll see some of you around.
Friday, July 25th, 2008
10:27 am
Two rides tonight
Howdy, Portlanders. Happy last Friday of the month!

I'm riding in two bike events going on tonight: Critical Mass, meeting at 5:30pm at NW Park & Couch, and the Mystery Ride, meeting at Irving Park at 10:30pm.

Hope to see a bunch of you at both rides!
2:48 pm
Has anyone seen the mercier kilo tt 47cm bike? If so, is the top tube slopping and what is the wheel size  (650) ?  any link to pics available?
Sunday, July 20th, 2008
9:44 pm
Is it possible to get a fixie under 300 bucks? Or shall I just give up this dream?

Monday, July 7th, 2008
8:34 am
lost key, bike lock help, please~
hello, I'm looking for any advice on the matter of breaking/picking a bike lock.  I have lost the sole key, and the bike is locked to the railing of my apartment complex.  the lock is a bell u lock, not the round type of key, like this.
I went to a local bike shop, and for the round key type, I was told of the bic pen trick, or to attempt using a hack saw on the straight part.  which I don't have, nor do I think I have the strength for it, sadly.
I spoke with a locksmith, who told me they'd charge $40 for the actual visit and then $50 for the actual breaking (drilling, picking, etc.) and couldn't guarantee if they could do it. 

so, any advice? 

it's even more ridiculous because my bike isn't even in great shape, I want to unlock it to get it fixed! 

thank you!
Sunday, June 29th, 2008
7:52 pm
powder coating....
i'm looking into getting my frame powder coated next month and am wondering where you have had good experiences, and also how much it cost. please tell me!

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008
8:43 am
Bike Shops for the Less-Than-Tall
I'm looking for recommendations on bike stores that have a lot of smaller bikes on hand to test ride. I'm a 5'3" girl, and I want to find something that will mainly be used for daily commuting, but will also be durable enough for occasional long distance rides and carrying gear for camping trips by bike. So far I've looked at City Bikes and Community Cycling Center, and I've been perusing Craigslist daily. All three places seem great for girly cruisers or tall people bikes. but what I really need is a chance to try out lots of different bikes (sturdy road and touring) to get a sense of the fit and style that works best for me. I'm hoping to buy a used bike, but I might go for an inexpensive new one if I find something great. I don't need anything super fancy that will just be asking to get stolen. Where have you had luck, shorties?
Sunday, June 1st, 2008
11:42 am
Anyone interested in an old pair of Sidi mountain bike shoes, size 44?
They're in pretty good shape, but they are definitely used.
Price extremely negotiable. :)
Tuesday, May 13th, 2008
11:40 am
Bike shoes without tears?
I love my clipless pedals, but I've had to stop wearing my bike shoes because they hurt my feet -- particularly, it feels like using them puts a lot of pressure on the outsides of my feet down to the little toe, and the inside of my ankle. I think my shoes are probably too tight (I have wide feet). So my questions are:

- any suggestions for picking out shoes that won't hurt?
- any suggestions for local stores that have cycling shoes available in different widths?
- stores that have staff who are knowledgeable about picking out shoes that fit properly and won't hurt?
- do bike shoes really have to be super tight in order to get enough force when pulling up?

Thanks in advance.
10:42 am
I guess we're a little past this season, but does anyone have a good waterproof backpack brand suggestion? I've finally decided to splurge on a good waterproof pack, as I'm sick of wrapping my books in plastic bags. Any input on how the timbuk2 backpacks (or messenger bags) hold up under heavy rain?
Monday, May 12th, 2008
2:07 pm
Do any y'all have a trike?

I'm trying to get my dad on a trike (he's on blood thinners that make him dizzy, and so two wheels make him nervous) but I know he won't buy one unless he knows he'll like riding it.  I've tried (and failed) to find a commercial renter, and I probably could get Coventry to allow us a test ride, but I'd like something a little less pressured.

Do any of you have a trike - recumbent or upright, delta or tadpole - that you'd let my dad borrow for about 24 hours?  We could arrange payment, we could barter, or whatever arrangement we need.

xposted to

Thursday, May 1st, 2008
7:45 pm
Bicycle Shoes
So I'm seriously considering purchasing some clipless peddles and a pair of bicycle shoes. Unfortunately, I know just about crap-zero about bike shoes. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good pair? I'd like some that I can actually walk in. Not having to change my shoes to go into the bar and drink too much is something I'd greatly enjoy.

What is the relationship between the shoes and peddles? Do the peddles come with the attachment that goes on the shoes? Can any pair of bike shoes work with any pair of peddles?

I like the look of egg beaters, but I'm not sure if they're a good idea.

Bonus points if the shoes aren't vegan and don't look like retarded bike-dork shoes.
Monday, February 11th, 2008
8:38 am
I'm pedaling across Yamhill County Wednesday-Thursday. SO EXCITED. Ahhhh!
Tuesday, January 29th, 2008
12:36 pm
shameful bike noobery
Hey Portland bike-peoples,
I am in a bit of a pickle. My bike is giving me some problems when I ride-- namely I feel a clunk/skip about every 2-3 pedal revolutions. I've consulted some internet sources on the potential cause (Sheldon Brown, et al.) and tried to do some diagnostics on the problem. It's not a bent/stiff link that I can see, and I've tried doing some tweaking of the rear index shifting. Nothing else seems egregiously out of whack, and yet, I'm still getting a weird sound and tugging feeling when I ride.

I feel a little embarrassed because while I love to ride, and am trying to learn what I can about bikes, I am just a very not-mechanical person and felt like a total idiot the few times I've had to take my bike in to say, Bike Gallery, and try to poorly articulate what I need.

So. Any ideas on what the problem is, and any do-it-myself solutions? Or, any place (or person) that won't roll their eyes at my newbie-ness and charge me $30 to look at my bike? It'd be preferable if it was close to Beaverton/West Side, and with availability on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (I've heard good things about Bike Farm but it's way in NE and only open when I am working).

Me and my bike thank you for any input!
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