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Riding northbound from PDX to Oly

I'm planning to ride from Portland to Olympia, starting this weekend. I was planning on following the route in Kirkendall and Spring's _Bicycling the Pacific Coast_ (Highway 101 from the Washington side of the Astoria bridge to Highway 105 to Shelton), more or less, but if anyone out there has done this before, a few questions:

- The route in the book is meant for people riding southbound, and the book mentions that some parts of the route may not have shoulders for northbound cyclists, and that the direction the wind blows in summer may make it more difficult to ride northbound. Did you find that this was a problem?
- The book doesn't cover the Portland detour, so I was planning to take Highway 30 to Astoria. Is it bikeable the entire way? (Google Maps suggests it isn't controlled-access for any part of that segment, but you never know.)
- Suggestions for getting from Shelton to Olympia, if anyone's done it?
- Suggestions for places to stay? The book lists campgrounds, but only one hostel along the way (I'm prepared to camp).
- I was thinking about riding the reverse direction at the end of September -- is that a terrible idea? Would the weather suck too much by then?
- Any other tips? (I know to bring rain gear.)
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